Brian Boyle, Wizard Wax Works
At the Philadelphia Folk Festival
This page is dedicated to Brian who passed away in September of 2013.

This festival takes place in August. 
Click here for information on the festival


Brian and I shared a booth at the folk festival for many years. It was great fun building and putting together the crazy booth we shared. Brian always was very creative and artistic, whether it contributed to the booth or the candles he made.

There were many great memories from those years. It was Brian's great idea to run a candle dipping for the kids, which ran Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Many "special orders" were produced at the show on the demonstration table. There was the "competiton" between the north and the south to see who could one-up the other and win the wizard hat for the year.

Maybe some of you remember those years and I hope many of you will remember Brian.



Happy Trails,
Ken Reichman
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