Wizard Candles

Our Wizard candles come in variety of sizes and holding different items.  You can click on the link for a wizard and bring up a page with options and an "add to cart" button. 

The PayPal Shopping Cart is available for online purchases (only on items where a link is provided). Other items may be ordered by e-mail and a PayPal e-mail invoice will be sent.

REGULAR WIZARD, approx. 9 inches tall WZ-1
Crystal Ball $25.00
Spellbook $25.00
Magic Wand $25.00
Owl $25.00
LARGE WIZARD- approx. 11 inches tall WZ-2
Saturn and Staff $36.00
Owl and Staff $36.00
Crystal Ball and Staff $36.00
Electric Guitar $36.00
Snake and Staff $36.00
LARGE WIZARD with Stars on Robe -11 inches tall WZ-2S
Spellbook and Staff $40.00
Crystal Ball and Staff $40.00
EXTRA LARGE WIZARD- approx. 14 inches tall WZ-5
Three Birds, in Beard, held, and on shoulder $75.00

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